Well. it all started as a bad joke, really. It wasn't our fault, lets just get that straight from the start...

3over3 formed in 1992 as a sort of live-ambient-techno-in-the-comfort-of-your-own-home-extravaganza type thing. We used have a man who hit drums and things for us. And a bloke in a monk costume. We kept him, obviously, but bits of technology eventually won the argument for who could play drums. And drink more beer. We played a few gigs and people would come and see us, and some would bore us afterwards by asking about all of our equipment.

We soon managed to implicate our way into various northern clubs, playing live and giving the DJs rests of up to an hour. This was seen as a good thing, as a lot of them seemed to have colds. Often we'd be playing alongside the people who had been asking us about all of our equipment, which was nice. It got to be a bit of a scene, with nights regularly attracting hundreds of punters to hear "the best in Mancunian live electronica" as it was called in those days. Pre-Criminal Justice Act, we even managed to play at places as diverse as a real olde-fashioned rave in the middle of nowhere and an enormous dome by the seaside.

Our main forte was winding sweaty people up in the centre of Manchester. Mostly they seemed to thank you for it afterwards, and occasionally pretty young ladies would invite us to tea in the middle of a tune. No, that's true. Honest.

what do we do?

back then, well we did that...

now? well there's a tale...

We still make music (in fact we make lots of it), but most of it is not really our own (except it is of course...). We produce records for people and we perform on records for people and we do remixes and stuff and of course we do other things too. Like mixing, engineering, tweaking, fixing, tuning and abusing. And we get paid too! (most of the time anyway).

Actually, you don't even know our names yet, so I suppose we'd better introduce ourselves...

neil walsh

dan sanders

steve parker

Well there we go, that's out the way.

erm... maybe you'd like to know where you might see our names???

On some you'll find just one of us and on others, you'll find us all...

Steps, Space Monkeys, Steven Gatley, Culture Club, Martine McCutcheon, Five, Ellie Campbell, Hopper, The Fall, D.O.S.E. , Boa, Sheryl Jay, Kaleef, Sybil, WIP, MC-Shine, RipWrap, and let us never forget K-Stand!!!

If you want to know what we're doing @ the moment then check out the What's New? section.

So we'll love you, leave you and let you wonder how we managed to do all this and still stay (arguably) sane.

byezee byes



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